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Study on your own schedule

Ten minutes in the coffee shop.
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With study sessions based on your history and goals, you can be sure you're learning what's most important for your progress.

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Leverage spaced repetition

Language lovers and professionals in every industry use spaced repetition to remember facts with high retention.

We've optimized the algorithm for Mandarin Chinese to help you see incredible results.

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Choose your goals and reach them

Whether you're studying for the IGCSE, YCT, or HSK -- you can be sure you'll be ready on test day.

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Remember everything you look up

Students often forget what they look up in a dictionary.

Search in Chinese, Pinyin, or English, then add to your long-term study plan with one click.

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Monitor your progress

See progress against your goals, updated in real time after every study session.

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Stay motivated for the long-term

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Maintaining motivation is hard, so most people give up before achieving their dreams.

Don't be like most people -- plan for success with tools designed to motivate and inspire.

Sync with our teachers

Real-time transparency into your learning history and goals empowers our teachers to be more effective

Teachers can push words to your study plan

Say goodbye to vocab lists you stuff in a drawer and never look at again.

Teachers can help you through difficulties

Your dashboard shows your teacher which concepts you need help with.

(when you need to)

Cramming lets you double-down on specific knowledge.

Perfect before exams, classes, or meetings with key clients.

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